In Scrapbook on August 10, 2008 by Brett C.

From left to right middle row: Steve Patmagrian, Dan Mattei (with bat), Tracy Lakes (with beard), Mark Vantine (sleeveless shirt). Dan Green (center with v-neck t-shirt and staff). The guy with the beard next to Dan is Steve…, next to him is David Weaver (white shirt), then Phillip Steiner, (staff over shoulder). The guy holding a bat in a phalic gesture is Ken Bieber, next to him is Mark Frankel (Staff in right hand beer in left), the last guy on the right with the white sleeveless shirt is Anthony…. In the front row on their knees are the pledges (there were only 3) right to left: Mike Somebody, Bill Donovan, and Jerry Colver. The back row gets tougher right to left: Behind Tracy Lakes is Dwayne King, then in the beard is Tom Royal, then Scott Hamblin and another guy in a hat (don´t know), then Joe Palermo (behind David Weaver), then Steve Guthrie (between/behind Phillip Steiner and Mark Frankel), then John Dame (Staff in hands above head) and finally Jerome Beck (far right).

Landscaping for “The Cube”:

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