In 1975, fourteen students at Ringling School of Art and Design founded Alpha Sigma Beta, the Art Student Brotherhood. The founding president was William Sillesky. Not until fourteen years later, under the presidency of Dan Hamilton, did the idea of affiliating with a national fraternity become a reality. Thomas Gavel was president during the year long fraternity selection process. After interviewing several fraternities, Alpha Sigma Beta became an interest group of Phi Delta Theta. An expansion petition was sent to the GeneralHeadquarters and unanimously approved by the General Council on April 26, 1991.

Alpha Sigma Beta became the Florida Lambda Colony of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity under the presidency of Brett Circe on September 22, 1991. Many Phi´s from around the state attended, including Sean Keefer, a consultant from Headquarters, Ed Hopper, the Chi South Province President, and Ken Carle, the Alumni Club president in Sarasota and Colony Adviser.

Over the next year and a half the colony worked hard to fulfill requirements set by the General Headquarters in order to become a chapter. Our hard work paid off. On the weekend of Janurary 29th and 30th 1993 under the Presidency of Jason Sawyer, the Florida Lambda Colony became the Florida Lambda Chapter of Phi Delta Theta, making us the 228th Chapter in Phi Delta Theta history.

The ceremonies took place at First Baptist Church in downtown Sarasota and the Old Asolo Theatre on the grounds of the Ringling Museum.

Representatives from the General Headquarters in Oxford, Ohio came down to conduct the ceremonies. Those representatives were: Abe Cross, Director of Chapter Services and Arby D. Dickert, Member at large of the General Council.

Affiliating With A National Fraternity

on August 10, 2008 by Brett C.

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