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  1. Brett, you are are a web site stud!!! You are the WEB MASTER!!!
    Chris Groendahl-Where are you??!!!
    This site is just about the most lemoniest site I ever did taste!!!

    Dave King, Bryan Purse, Jason Brunt, Frankie Barnfart, & Geg Klingon

  2. This site is a discrace to all greek organizations!
    It reinforces evry animal house stereotype that we greeks try to fight.
    Do something good for all greek organizations and grow-up!
    your fellow dissapointed greek

  3. Brett, This is awesome! I really enjoyed looking back on the “wild” times of ASB. Even though I wasn´t a part of it, it sure looked like fun. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the completion of the Phi Delt web site. Take care, and give my best to everyone in ASB and Phi Delta Theta.
    Yours in the Bond,
    Sean(Fleck) Brennan, Ringling ´94

  4. Hey there… This is Mark Dodson (Mad Dog) from (I think) the Spring 1980 pledge class (my memory is hazy from this period..). I graduated in ´81. Just stumbled on this site by accident, but it´s great to see that an ASB page actually is in existence. Would be interested in hearing from anyone from that period (78-81 or thereabouts).
    I may have some photos from this period I could contribute to the site, but I´ll have to dig thru some old stuff. Also curious as to whether RSA has a web site up?? Hope to hear from you.

  5. Well, if SATAN had a web site it proably would look alot like this one. We all can look back at the times, that we as brothers had and say “Shootin´ a damn shotgun in Brett and Dave´s apartment is pretty damn loud!” Praise ASB, “T´s” Miata, Dave´s nipple ring, Gozar, & Joe Vicious.
    URL: check that!

  6. My name is Mark (Fromunda) Frankel. I was president of ASB for the ´83,´84 school year. What a surprise to see this page on the net. It brought back alot of great memories. I have a couple of pictures for you to add to the scrap book. They are of my pledge class and one of me close up. Both were taken at Mayakka.

  7. Quite a service. Thank you. I must say it was quite erie to do a search on alta vista and find my name meant something. My name is Ken Wells pledged: fall 1985 vice president and pledgemaster: spring 1986- fall 1987 sgt @ arms 1987-1988
    I currently live in the Atlanta area and I´d love to hear from the brothers from 1980 to 1990. Does anyone remember mullet? Check out my web page Forgive the primitave images. I´ve been wasting time on 3-D and Lingo. I need a beer. So-long. Once again, Thank you Brett for getting this together. It´s a nastalgia that becomes more important as people get older.
    Thank You. Ken Wells 1988

  8. To all my ASB brothers: I love you guys!!! We had great times and definitely unforgetable times. I would pledge again tommorrow and sip the sweat nectars of 66 mustang-trunk warm, old as hell-Black Label Brew. One of my favorite memories was on a Myakka canoe trip, Kevin Wallace running out of the woods with a bloody-black eye and yelling that “He would die for the south !!!” There are many other great stories that I hope to share with brothers in the future. Brett, excellent job on the site. Thanks for keeping the legend alive.

  9. As always this site is “PHAT”! When I saw the commencement Photos I got reminiscent I ´knocked back´ my coffee! Destined for greatness, we are all going to spend time in the hot place for this one!
    Proud to bee “REAL BAD”.
    Justice Mitchell

  10. This website is the coolest thing I´ve ever seen. Who ever created it is a simpletext GOD! Simpletext rules, all other web page authoring software drools.

  11. Hey, You´re bringin´ tears to my eyes!What a great site! It brings back lots of memories, most of which are cloudy, but good. I hope this site stays up for awhile-I want to send some pictures too. Also-Stubby the 3-legged wonder dog lives forever!-MVT

  12. Hit Me!
    My boss is talking about canning the web site at work. So if anybody´s interested please hit the site and jump around all the pages about a thousand times. Don´t worry about looking at anything. I just need some statistics that he can´t argue with. Calling from the RatRace and cheap tricks land it´s nice to know there are old school ties.
    I imagine there are many of us that could use the same help.
    Keep going gentlemen.
    Double Plus Kudos to Brett!
    Love Ken Wells

  13. “You have a fat college!!” The college I´m going to is a last ditch effort on going to college. But I would like to know more about Ringling School of Art and Design. I´ve heard of the rep. your school has. Is it true the your college rocks the computer graphic and animation world?r>Keep flying with those Silicon Graphic Workstations.

  14. Hey Brett, fill in some of these blanks…your going to hurt some Bros feelings. (referring to the 1983 page) I filled in some blanks I´ll try to come up with some last names when I find my pledgebook…
    Mark V.T.

  15. Brett, It looks great here. It´s good to see a lot of the photos that might not have seen if it wasn´t for this site. See you in April!!!

  16. Brett, I happened on your site today and was surprised to see the little sisters were also represented. Thanks very much. From one little sister. If you need more pictures let me know.

  17. Amazing. Brett, you have done a great job with this. Its great to see some shots of the old days. A big whats up to all the brothers out there in the virtaul world.

  18. I am glad I found this site. It is exciting to connect with other alumni and discuss the life and times at RSA.

  19. Well Florida is on fire – burn baby burn – send us some rain. Hey this site is smoking, too – you can feel the heat coming off the monitor. Congrats to this year´s GRADS and a good thought for the current actives at Ringling !!!

  20. Your frat looks very cool and you must be proud to apart of something like that.I´m from australia and i am searching for information so I may form a fraternity in Brisbane.

    Please send forth any information you can to assist in this idea. There are no fraternities in the land of oz and i would really love to form one. I´m looking to found a new frat but if thats not possible i would join an existing organization.

    I am open to any suggestions so help me out guys! Well i hope to hear from some one soon. Thanks and Respect, Stewart Morris.


  22. hey brett, steve pat turned me on to this site and i must admit it made me a little misty. i recall marching the pledges to janice t.´s dorm window to show her that sometimes, the moon comes out surprisingly early in sarasota. she was probably the 1st ´little sister´ asb had. i have many photos and fine (if somewhat hazy) memories of my time in the brothership. love and peace to all the bro.s and sis´ past and present.

  23. Hey Guys, Cool site! Where is the 77-80 Stuff? I have alot of frat photos, let me know if you need any for this site. And some of these!!!, well never mind. Went back to the school some years back. WOW. I have been freelancing since 85 in O town. Is there a class of 80 reunion planned? I´ll stay in touch. See ya

  24. I was blown away when I stumbled upon this site. Very impressive. Hello to everyone out there. Thanks to all the brothers that were able to make it to my wedding. It was like a small reunion. That´s right for all of you that didn´t hear, I got married 6/6/98. It was great to have so many brothers come from so far. I love you guys. It was a “real badd” time. Yours in the Bond, David Sporn

  25. Great job Brett! Steve Pat gave me a call and told me about the site. However; he did say that there was a flattering photo of me. I didn´t seem to find it. Mater of fact; there´s never been a falttering photo of me. So I know that it´s not your fault. I couldn´t believe that you spelled my name right. For that you get 20 pledge points taken off and I´ll buy you a beer if I ever meet you! It sure is great to read from some of the ole guys. Dodson, Gutherie, Gaines etc…. It has left me alittle teary eyed too. Still have my pledge book, I always keep a dollar of change and a pack of matches in my pocket. Keep it up ASB! Thank god for the first 14 guys with a bright idea and enough money to buy some Busch Beer!

  26. Greetings and salutations! i just began work on the florida lambda web site. check that out and let me know what you think so i can pimp it out bitch. here´s the friggin url:

  27. This place is awesome dude!! Looking at the pictures of people partying in the 80´s is pretty kewl!!! Right now I´m showing a new Phikeia around. Hope to see you soon and have a few beers toghether!

  28. I wasn´t a member of the Frat but had a number of friends that were. It was wild seeing a couple of people I recognized at this site. the last time I remember seeing Steve Patmagrian he was Super Chicken at the Ringling halloween party. One of the photos was of Dwayne King, if it is the right one he must have been there for a reunion since he was my roommate in 1975. I would love to see some pics in the scrapbook from 1975-1978. GREAT SITE ! Harold Kessler

  29. This is a great site! brings back all the hangovers, I mean memories.

  30. The site is very informitive. Although most of the pictures I don´t reconize I look forward to meeting some of you in April. Keep In Touch!!!!

  31. The funniest site I have ever seen! Thanks for the memories!!!

  32. I am a pledge of the Xi pledge class fall 1999 i would LOVE to get to know the alumni that my gratious brother mark has instructed me to, because history is very important.. p.s i like your site

  33. Boy its been a lot of years. I was president of the frat in ´79. There is a picture of all of us in the ´79 portfolio yearbook. Good to see this thing has lived on.

  34. Glad to see you guys tooks this beyond our dreams. k.watterson, founding father, 1975

  35. Well, I wasn´t exactly a brother…I wasn´t even a cousin, but I had some good friends in the frat. Great to see some familiar names here. Hey to all my Class of ´81 mates!

  36. Hi Brett. Not sure if we know each other. I was a little sister from 87-90. The original pack. I have tons of How down and other party photos if you would like them. I am a photo hound. The site looks great and thanks for including the lil sis´

  37. glad to see a few great memories of black lable brew. myakka conoe trips well it was a lot of great times and the best to all and good health you all . to the class of 91 cory, T, kevin, ralph and the rest may one day we all get back together and have another black lable beer make it a busch. To the toga party at my house and the best of all the love shack blow out this was the biggest ASB party ever . every one find pennies see yuh!!!!

  38. I completely re-did the web site last night on a new server with a new address. It will be much easier for me to maintain now. I also added this really cool bulletin board, and imported all the posts from the old Guest Book. The History section is more functional and I hope all future Phikeia classes study that section. YITB

  39. Brett, You´ve out done yourself once again! I can´t believe ten years have past. I´m married now and my second kid will soon be born. When I come to the ASB site and see all the great memories it brings me right back. Recently a group of guys mostly ASB Alumni, flew in from all over to attend brother Corey Nordwall´s (pledge 88) bachelor party in Key West. Details upon request. It was a blast and the old bond was still going strong. All we did was laugh. Most of the guys were married with kids (except Weber). Just jokin Mike. We can all still drink some beer and get crazy. Where´s T? The only difference now is the next day you don´t spring back as quick. To all the bros, Keep it real! Keep it alive! Long live ASB

  40. Hey. I finally got the link from Dan Ruke. I mainly am writeing to see whats up with everyone? Well if you remeber me then write back, keep in touch and maybe if its cool and possible I´ll try to get there for the reunion in Jan (so im told). Oh yeah Great Site, and Great memories……..

  41. Rock On! Intricate Rock music w/ a backbeat fo ya! Rock On!

  42. 1976 Class (B.J. Teeple)

    It’s been a year since B.J. has passed way. I typed his name in the search engine and this is what came up. Really amazing but gives me the creeps too. What a great man he was… I miss him and love him like he was my father…xoxox

  43. greet job there b.c. the frat prez for 1980 was martin taylor. tracy’s last name is lakes in the 1981 pic. othewise a fine job! -load ’80

  44. Great Site. I hope more people send in old pics cause I enjoyed seeing the change the school and the members have undergone. C you in April.


    shut up

    you know who you are 😉

    anybody have traci lakes email, send it on please

  46. hey all,

    Its been a while since i stumbled back across the sight. Still groovy as ever. Any thought to including the lyrics of the old songs..or would someone get in Anyone who wants to see what this brothers been up to can always check for my latest/past work.

    till next time,

    jason yanofsky
    Los Angeles, CA

    PS: hey Dan still out there?? Send me an email ya bastard! 🙂

  47. love the website but please fix the spelling of my name… Bil Sillesky under Presidents…I was just in Sarasota in January seeing other founding members Scott Hamblin, Steve Patmagrian and Charles Lyle…lots of good memories when I was in the frat….some of the best times of my life…amazingly I got an education while I was there. I now live in Atlanta and am Vice President of Creative Services for Webplus.

  48. oh, I got yer f*cking sand witch, b*tch!

    hey brother, where u at? space man’s address b : mine iz: shuthefukkupp

  49. Dually for sale
    Well let’s see. I tried tsite for pictures an that was a no go, and then i tried your web site and got this scolars roll out. My phone# is 704-542-6078 and my e-mail is If still around would like Pics and info, Thanks Paul (Spacetechie)

  50. Been awhile…
    Hey guys, been a looong time since I checked out to see if this was still here. Glad to see t is. Wish there were more pics to see, but still is a flashback to look at the ones that are. Load, Roddy, Steve P., Scott H., etc- if your looking- thinking of you guys… I can almost smell the “waffles”. Hell, I can still hear Joe Palermo in my head…boy that’s sad 🙂

    Long Live ASB.

    Mark VanTine
    Wimpy Wompy
    Pledge class ’82

  51. Great to see a website devoted to the Ringling School Of Art
    The photos and posts bring back lots of great memories during my time at Ringling. If anyone from the first 1977 member group would like to find out more about what I am doing now, you can check out my websites at and My e-mail address and phone numbers can be accessed at those sites. I did a google search for every name on the 77′ group photo roster and did not find any website links, etc., etc., to get in touch with anybody. It would be great to hear from anyone in the 77′ Fraternity Class.

  52. still alive and well
    do you know that rsa&d is now rcoa&d

  53. i am the member of ASB in the philipines i love our fraternity

  54. Hey Brett,
    Just loggin in as ordered on Facebook! Great to see the site, love to see you all sometime! Bill Haas President 1989, Treasurer 1988.

  55. bummed. the Pledge Class of 84 had 20 plus pledges and we don’t have any pic’s??? I got on this!

    Glad in see the AEB is still kickin’!

    AEB Class of 1983-1986 ( and of course…4 life!! )

  56. Just loaded a photo from 1980 into the Scrapbook, check it out:

  57. Nice site Brett, Scott Hamblin would sorta keep me updated about “AEB”. Was invited to the ceremonies when we changed to “Phi Delta Theta”.Finally caught up with everyone else on the internet. Glad to know what I help start turned into something really Great! My title was Social Director – otherwords the D.J.,does the fraternity still have that position? Planning on returning to Ringling in July 2010 for the reunion, and once again will be the D.J. thanks once again Brett! Founding Father Robbin “Robbrock” Skipper 1975-1979

  58. Hi Pat Gaines here…1976…very cool to see this site…I am proud to say it was my idea to start the frat at Ringling…My Father and both of my much older brothers had all been frat members at the University Of Illinois… when I was growing up I remember spending the weekend with my older brothers(who were only 2 years apart in age and both in the same frat) at the fraternity house during “bring your little Brother for the weekend” event…I was 10 yrs old or so…still remember sleeping in the bunk beds and following on my brothers shirt tails all over campus…they were both Varsity Athletes and big men on campus so it was very very cool for a 10 yr old…..When I got to the collage of my choice (RINGLING) of course had no Greek system in place…I really wanted to have some of the fun and brotherhood I imagined my Father and Brothers must have had SO I suggested to my class mates that we form a Fraternity…or what could be described as a very loose Fraternity because we were not affiliated with any National Fraternity…we just made up a cool name, elected our officers.. had car washes ,bought beer and had parties,,haha ..seemed to work for those first 14 guys….The meetings were held at my and room mates (Pete Gordon) house in “Ringling Oaks ” which was a trailer park with a few cottages right across the street from the School main building at the time….we had the largest house in Ringling Oaks which was the old “managers house”so we had plenty of room…the Photo of the 1976 founding Group was taken just outside our house in the driveway in the back of Pete’s truck with Lucky our house dog….. I was only at Ringling 1 1/2 years before I got a job being an Airbrush Shirt Painter in Panama City Beach Florida…That along with other art related business’ is what I have done all my life….I credit the start of being able to be a working artist all of my adult life directly to other students I meet while at Ringling School of Art..See on Google “West Coast Airbrush” …”Big Airbrush”…”Airbrush Action Magazine” and on youtube “Gaines Sports and Event Photography”….Thanks for all that Ringling ,school Friends and the Fraternity Brothers did to enrich my life and let me feel at least some of what My Dad and Older brothers must have felt during their collage/fraternity days.

  59. I stumbled across this site researching a project. WOW! Brought back lots of great memories. I graduated in 1981. Time flies!!!!! We were a young fraternity with a great vision for the future. Looks like my fellow brothers have done us proud. Keep it going guy’s. I will check in from time to time!

  60. Well Done and very cool!

  61. I was fond of making cartoons in those days. Thankyou for the photograph with the man in front & the people on the car.

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